A 2 week series  April 30th & May 7th 2023 Sundays 12:30pm to 2:30 pm. Cost $$60/Full series or $35 per session.

This is a 2 week beginner’s yoga series that is for ALL ages, All bodies, and ALL abilities. This is an intimidation free, no previous experience needed, step by step instruction.

This workshop will progressively build on knowledge each week, so your registration is for the 2 weeks.

Class 1: Setting a Foundation and Building on Fundamentals.

Class 2: Refine your postures and Flow as you Grow.

We will begin slowly, with the absolute basics. Over the two weeks we’ll cover what to expect in a class, yoga studio etiquette, what props are and how to use them, and how to link movement with your breath. We will break down poses and find ways to make them comfortable in your body. Moving slowly, we will explore the beginner basics of yoga poses, have time to ask questions. and build confidence. We will learn about our breath, our bodies and how to individualize your yoga practice in a way that works for you. Each week will build on what we learned the week before. All you  need to bring: wear comfortable clothing, bring your yoga mat, and a bottle of water if you like.

This course counts for 4 CEUs all together through Yoga Alliance.

2 CEUs each workshop for the total of 4 CEUs.


Yoga for Better Posture

January 29th, 2023 Sunday 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

  • The first part I will explain the Neutral Position of the body. I will  talk about the Wheels of the Torso, then explain the anatomical terms, and last I will talk about the 3 platforms in the body on asanas for good alignment and a better posture in general.
  • The second part we are going to do a breathing exercise followed by movement and feeling our entire spine focusing on the upper body while sitting on a bolster, closing with a gentle flow.
  • The third part, which is the final part of the workshop, we are going to practice standing positions focusing on the lower body beginning with Tadasana and closing with a final energetic flow moving our entire body ending in Savasana.

This course counts for 2 CEUs through Yoga Alliance.

Movie Night YogaBliss

Practice, connect and and share a movie together!
Come whenever you want. Stay for the whole event or just the yoga or just the movie. Either way, we’d love to have you ❤️
Share yoga with friends and family, make new friends and enjoy a fun evening with community.
Bring your adult family and friends, yoga mat, and wear anything comfortable you can move freely in for a light yoga flow, and enjoy this fun evening of yoga, movie and beautiful community.

Popcorn & drinks will be provided. We have chairs and bolsters to sit on, and blankets. Bring your own snacks/drinks or props if you want to.