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I’m fortunate to have found such a detailed and great yoga instructor like Jimena. Her instruction and emphasis on micro-movements makes me, someone who has had severe injuries, feel very comfortable in attending her class. Jimena’s instructions focus on proper posture to ensure a great workout with no injuries. Highly  recommend Jimena.

Adriana S.

Every time I do yoga with Jimena I feel inspired and flexible, and energized with a clear head. She is amazing. She works hard on our positioning  and technique, and she is sensitive to our needs and limitations. She shows us how to modify each position. We work hard and are much stronger after class and she keeps it challenging and fun. She definitely show us YOGA LOVE.

Penny Psome

Jimena is a wonderful teacher who pays close attention to form and focused on providing a safe environment to explore yoga. Her classes are well structure and allow time and space for mindfulness and intention setting.

Idin Debb

I have been taking classes from Jimena for about two years. Under her instruction I have become stronger and more flexible and have improved my practice 100%! Her classes are challenging and she gives detailed and specific instructions and constantly checks my form. I am still seeing great improvement under her direction. She’s the best!

Gerri Frederoff