Meditations By Jillian Pransky

Meditation is the practice of quietly observing your thoughts and feelings in your mind without judgment. 

You can practice meditation anywhere, any time. You do not need anything to practice.

Simply breathe in, and notice that you are breathing in. Then breathe out, and  notice that you are breathing out.

It’s that simple. You are meditating. 

Getting ready for meditation physically, mentally, and spiritually can enhance your experience.

Meeting with yourself in the morning or night while you meditate, helps to set the tone for your day or for your sleep. 

Just set yourself up to be comfortable and present physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Whether you plan to sit in the morning, night, solo, or in a group. 

From the amazing restorative yoga teacher “Jillian Pransky” and sharing from her book “Deep Listening“.

Here you will find some guided meditations.

It is my honor to share it with you with her permission!

Enjoy your journey!

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“Be Here Now”

From the book “Deep Listening”

By Jillian Pransky

Welcome to an instant pause and reset, Be Here Now. Come to a comfortable seated position, or any  position that is comfortable. Pause, and use your breathing to instantly reset your attention and  presence, any time throughout the day. Feel free to keep your eyes open, as you turn your attention to  your body and your breath, to where you are in real time. Pause, and sense where your body meets the  ground, soften any excess squinting and gripping in your face, neck, and shoulders. For the next three  breaths, silently chant for the length of your inhale the words, I AM, and for the duration of your  exhalation, HERE NOW. On your inhale, I AM, on your exhale, HERE NOW. Allow the breath to come and  go on its own, no effort. Pause at the end of your third breath, and notice your body meeting support.  Notice your breath flowing freely and open your awareness fully to the immediate space around you,  notice what is in your space, and what is truly happening now. Welcome yourself into this moment,  welcome yourself as you are, however you feel, into this moment, as it is. Stay with your breath, stay  with yourself as you move back into your day. Namaste! 

“Listening to your Breath”

From the book “Deep Listening”

By Jillian Pransky 

We’ll begin listening to your breath. Come to a comfortable seated position or any position that you find comfortable. Set yourself up well, and then take a few conscious breaths, allowing yourself to arrive in the room. Imagine being with someone who loves and supports you, maybe is a friend or a teacher, someone who really means it when they say “You don’t have to work so hard, you can relax, come relax with me”. Just for right now, there’s nothing to get, nowhere to go. It’s ok not to work so hard. On your next exhalation, exhale as if all your work was done. Find the space at the end of your exhale, feel that space at the end of your breath. Even for only one breath, allow yourself to feel what it’s like to be done. What does it feel like to be done? Listen to your breath as it comes and goes, listen to your inhale as it fills you. Listen what your breath says to you: Hey! Come here! Come be with me! We must be together! Let’s be together, here, now! Feel free to take a few minutes more, to connect with yourself in this way. Namaste!