Essential Yoga Props For Your Yoga Practice


Do you want to start your yoga practice and you don’t know where to start? Here is what you need to know about accessories to start your practice!

First of all… creating a sacred space is so essential to establishing a consistent practice. Reserve a space for practice and make it special in some way. Whether you have the luxury of an extra room in your home or only a small corner in your bedroom or living room, make sure it is clean and neat. To give your chosen space more importance and beauty, you can put out flowers, a plant, or any other object that holds special meaning for you. To mark this sacred time and practice of deep connection with yourself, you can also light a candle (but please take care).


Essential Yoga Props (Accessories)


  • Yoga Clothes

Before you begin your yoga practice, change into yoga clothes. You will need comfortable, breathable, athletic clothes. Ideally, the pants or shorts should be stretchy, or able to stretch with your body. I strongly recommend a tight-fitting, stretchy shirt, which prevents your shirt from flying during your forward bends!  For ladies, it can be especially helpful to wear a sports bra. Hair bands or headbands can be useful, too. Make sure you feel comfortable. And finally, it is better to practice barefoot.

Yogac Cothes JimenaTobonYoga

  • Yoga Mat

A yoga mat creates traction for your hands and feet so you don’t slip. It gives your body cushioning and protection from floors. Be aware of carpeting. If it is too fluffy, it would interfere with your balance. The more flat and steady the ground, the better. Puffy mats are difficult for balance. Very thin mats could hurt you, especially your feet, and knees. A medium-thick mat would best protect you on the floor. High-quality mats can be easily found these days that have moisture resistant technology and can be washed easily with soap and water. You can always use a yoga towel, and maybe even find a slip-resistant yoga towel for your mat. If you sweat a lot it’s a great addition to your yoga gear collection and keeps your yoga mat cleaner and more hygienic.

  • Yoga Blankets

You will need a yoga blanket, or you can simply use a beach towel or any other blanket around the house. Make sure it is big enough to cover your mat or your body. Blankets can be folded, rolled, stacked, and rearranged in many ways to adapt the postures, as well as offer you cushioning and warmth. 

Yoga Blanket JimenaTobonYoga

  • Yoga Strap

A bathrobe tie, a leather belt or a scarf will suffice in the beginning. A strap or tie allows you to extend the length of your arm, so you can modify poses for your ability level. It is used in poses where you have to hold your feet but cannot reach them. It is very useful for poses where you have to clasp your hands behind your back. It makes the stretches safer and more accessible.

Yoga Strap JimenTobonYoga

  • Yoga Blocks

Blocks are made from foam, cork, bamboo, or wood. A solid block is better and will allow you to support yourself in postures in which you might otherwise have to reach all the way to the floor. The range of motion is supported by these blocks as they shorten the distance between you and the floor. They can be placed at low, medium, or high positions to accommodate more or less support. They improve alignment and make you more comfortable. Books make handy alternatives.

Yoga Blocks JimenaTobonYoga

  • Yoga Bolster

A bolster is a densely packed cushion. These provide excellent support for some of the poses in which you would otherwise have to stack a couple blankets. Pillows or cushions could also work in this case, but make sure they are a bit firm. They could be long, round, square, or rectangular. It aids in opening certain body postures, helps make yoga easier. In restorative yoga, the bolster is your best friend.

Yoga Bolster JimenaTobonYoga

  • Yoga Eye Bags

Small silk- or cotton-covered pouches filled with flaxseeds or sand, or other material. These cover the eyes, blocking out light and distractions. They are amazing for relaxation at the end of your practice, in Savasana (final pose).

  • Yoga Knee, Elbow & Wrist Pads

Once you get more familiar with yoga, you will notice how it can be a bit challenging for your knees, elbows and wrists when they have to make contact with the firm floor.  Yoga knee and wrists pads are a solution for this. These pads provide ease and comfort in your yoga poses. They will enhance your hold time for each pose.

Writs and Knee Pads JimenaTobonYoga

  • Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated before, after, and during your yoga practice is very important. Please consider it our shared responsibility to carry a reusable water bottle and do our part towards protecting Earth.

Water Bottle JimeaTobonYoga


Now you are well-equipped with Yoga Props!

Make your yoga a habit and head towards a calmer and healthier lifestyle.

There are many yoga styles, so selecting the one that you are comfortable with is a good idea. The beauty of yoga is it can be done at your own comfort level and at your own convenient time.

Please note, however, many of the yoga poses need supervision from a yoga expert. This ensures that you are safe, thus avoiding injuries. It also ensures you receive the full benefits of yoga.


It’s time for you to start your Yoga Practice!


Jimena Tobon