Consciously Love by Gloria Arroyave



It’s my honor to share it with you with her permission!

Purpose #1

I free myself– From the desire to prohibit others from doing what they need to learn.

I understand– That other people need to live their experiences in order to evolve and learn to be even happier.

~ Gloria Arroyave

Purpose #2

I free myself – From the need to impose my beliefs, reasons or truths.

I understand– That everyone has the right to have their own beliefs, reasons or truths. “Thinking different does not mean being against it.”

~ Gloria Arroyave

 Purpose #3

I free myself– From condemning the attitudes or behaviors of others.

I understand– That we all have the right to our own attitudes and behaviors and that every situation that bothers or bothers me is a limitation of my beliefs, which prevents me from accepting others as they are.

~Gloria Arroyave

Purpose #4

I free myself– From the vice of the chant when things don’t go my way.

I understand– That every circumstance that I must take on is an opportunity to learn from life situations, repeating the same things all the time wears out my vital energy and damages my relationships.

~Gloria Arroyave

Purpose #5

I free myself– To reply and argue in the face of what I do not agree with.

I understand– That every situation is an opportunity to learn. Feeling uncomfortable and expressing it is part of my ignorance.

~Gloria Arroyave

Purpose #6

I free myself– From the desire to protest against what confronts my concepts.

I understand– That things will be as I need them for my learning, the discomfort that is generated in my mind is a mental limitation that prevents me from respecting other people’s concepts.

~Gloria Arroyave