My Story

I am very passionate about sharing my love for Yoga. My personal Yoga practice for the past 12 years, the journey of earning my RYT 500 hour certification with YogaWorks and Physical & Sports Therapy Aide, and having the opportunity to teach many students for over a decade, has brought me to the understanding that practicing yoga is more than “just a healthy choice”, Yoga grants you the wisdom that comes when your body & mind are in perfect harmony.

Forever a student of the practice, I am immensely grateful for the loving wisdom shared by the teachers I studied with.

To assist you in improving your practice, I like to incorporate interesting materials, dynamic sequencing, and inspiration into my lessons. Using yoga, I aim to nourish the body, mind, and spirit in order to help others thrive in life. Also, I hope that you leave the mat feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and fully nourished.

Allow me to help you not only fine-tune your poses and greatly improve your posture, but to teach you the methods you can use to develop ways to better care for your whole Self.

If you just want to say hello or if you have any questions, get in contact. Just shoot me an email or stop by my Facebook or Instagram pages. Connecting with you would be wonderful.


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People who practice yoga can experience a sense of aliveness, love, and freedom. Multiple elements of yoga have improved my life, and I believe it is my responsibility to share this information. Anyone looking to use breath and movement to bridge the gap between the mental and physical can greatly benefit from yoga.

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My Education

YogaWorks 500 hr Register Yoga Teacher Training

E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certified

WVOC 160 hr Physical Therapy Aide

WVOC 180 hr Sports Therapy Aide

YogaWorks 75 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

YogaWorks 30 hr Yoga 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR)

E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
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