8 Reasons Why You Should Add Yoga Into Your Life

Yoga is a total mind-body experience, with both physical and mental benefits. Give yoga a chance and let the science speak for itself!

Here are 8 research-backed reasons why you should add yoga into your life:


1. Yoga Lowers Your Stress

  • Yoga is known for its ability to ease stress and anxiety, and is greatly beneficial for stress management.
  • Promote relaxation in your mind and body.
  •  Managing stress will help to improve your overall health and lower the risk of any disease.


2. Yoga Boosts Your Energy Levels

  • Practicing yoga daily — even just for a few minutes– will provide an energy boost, and make your body feel healthier and stronger. 
  • Yoga will increase the release of endorphins, increase blood flow to the brain, and reduce focus on negative, repetitive thoughts. 
  • Regular practice will provide you with the energy needed to run your daily activities, and you will get your tasks done without feeling exhausted.

3. Yoga Offers Relief From Pain

  • Yoga is an ancient form of physiotherapy.
  • It has proven to be an effective way to alleviate and prevent pain, especially when the poses are carefully matched to your specific symptoms and conditions.
  • Many have turned to yoga as a safe, low-impact and relaxing source of relief.

4. Yoga Manages Your Weight

  • Daily practice of yoga will help you develop muscle tone and improve your metabolism, helping you maintain your desired weight.
  • When you practice yoga, you become a mindful eater, more in tune  with your body. 
  • Yoga will also make your body stay active and curb some cravings, promoting a healthy weight loss. 


5. Yoga Helps Your Detox

  • Yoga promotes improved flow of blood and oxygen to the body, which promotes elimination of wastes and toxins from your body. 
  • Many poses will give stimulation and gentle pressure to your internal organs, increasing blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system and helping your liver optimally cleanse your whole system.
  • Regular yoga will promote self-cleaning of your body, making you feel fresh and healthy.


6. Yoga Improves Your Concentration & Mental Clarity

  • Yoga calms your mind and gives clarity. As you learn to concentrate on your breath during your yoga practice, you will bring your awareness to the present moment, releasing thoughts about the past and future.
  • Taking a few minutes of your time in the morning will improve your concentration and you will be able to carry out your daily activities with more ease.
  • It also enables you to think better,sharpening your mental focus.


7. Yoga Upgrades Your Strength & Flexibility

  • Yoga will stretch your whole body, giving you toned and flexible muscles. 
  • Daily and regular practice will strengthen your abs, shoulders, legs and arms. 
  • Strengthen and loosen your hip joints, promoting healthy hip hinge movement, which carries over into many activities.


8. Yoga Increases Your Self-Confidence

  • By practicing yoga, your strength of focus will increase, and your self-confidence will strengthen because you can be clear-minded about your personal wants and needs in life.
  • It promotes development of external and internal qualities such as focus, balance, strength and calmness.
  • It makes you naturally energetic and able to confidently face your daily activities. 


The best thing about yoga is that you don’t need to be super flexible. You can practice it at your own level and still get all the benefits. There are much more than 8 reasons why you should add yoga into your life. Yoga will make you feel better, no exceptions.

Be proud of who you are, and make the most of you!

Jimena Tobon